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Highlights from St. Luke’s and our community partners to improve health.

It’s Walktober! A month of walking in the name of fitness and fun

By Michelle Bartlome, News and Community
October 2, 2019

It’s Walktober! A month of walking in the name of fitness and fun.

Every year, St. Luke’s sponsors a friendly, competitive walking challenge between representatives in Twin Falls and Jerome.

The objective is very simple: get walking.

Participants are tracked on the number of steps they walk during the month of October.

The individual with the most steps logged between the Magic Valley and Jerome teams will receive money to be donated to the organization of the winner’s choice. The team with the highest average steps will receive the coveted sneaker plaque, which currently resides in Jerome.

Last year, Jerome Mayor Dave Davis won the overall competition, walking 455 miles.

The Jerome team members are:

Jill Howell, St. Luke’s Jerome associate chief nursing officer

Dr. Nicole Ruske, St. Luke’s Jerome Family Medicine

Dr. Logan Perkins, St. Luke’s Resident Physician

Mayor Dave Davis

Dale Layne, Jerome School District superintendent

Mike Harrison, Jerome fire chief

Mike Williams, city administrator

Charlie Howell, Jerome County commissioner

The Magic Valley team members are:

Arlen Blaylock, St. Luke’s Magic Valley chief operating officer/CNO

Dr. Steven Kohtz, St. Luke’s Magic Valley Family Medicine

Dr. Rick Sandison, St. Luke’s Magic Valley Family Medicine

Mayor Shawn Barigar

Dr. Brady Dickinson, Twin Falls School District superintendent

Twin Falls Police Lt. Terry Thueson

Travis Rothweiler, Twin Falls city manager

Don Hall, Twin Falls County commissioner

Additionally, there are other individuals participating in the walking challenge during the month of October. The Rogue Team has 17 members.

About The Author

Michelle Bartlome is the public relations manager at St. Luke's Magic Valley.