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Young Cancer Patient to be Honored During BSU Season Opener

By Michelle Bartlome, News and Community
September 1, 2017

Twelve-year-old Mia Trease will begin Labor Day weekend on the Bronco Blue during the Boise State University football game. Mia and her family will attend the season opener Saturday as “Bronco Bunch” guests of honor.

Mia was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that starts in the bones.

Even though Mia’s mother works at St. Luke’s Magic Valley in Twin Falls, after consulting with doctors it was determined Mia should receive a specific type of care in Salt Lake City. Mia and her mom, Amaris, drive three-and-a-half hours every other week for treatment. They stay in the hospital for one week and then return home.

Mia’s mom is able to work at St. Luke’s every other week and Mia is able to spend time with her four siblings. She is unable to attend school or participate in any sports, since her body is immunocompromised.

During a recent hospital visit, the oncologist explained to Mia and her mother that the cancer has spread to Mia’s lungs and hip. They plan to remove her leg in the near future.

Mia’s story is one that touched the entire BSU Bronco football team. In June, former BSU players held a sports camp in Twin Falls with some of the proceeds going to the St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute’s (MSTI) cancer patient emergency fund.

A few weeks after this sports camp, some of the players were back in the Magic Valley. They wanted to take a BSU care package to Mia as she was returning home from the hospital. In addition to bringing the presents, they took time out of their busy scheduled to play football with Mia in her backyard. When asked if she had ever attended a BSU game, Mia said she had not, but would someday love to go.

That wish will come true Saturday, Sept. 2 when Mia and her family attend their first Boise State University football game.  They will be presented with the team hammer on the famous blue field.

To make the day even more incredible, some of the former football players invited the family to join their tailgate party.

Previously, Mia was an amazing athlete, specifically enjoying softball. Her family is grateful for this experience to bring Mia happiness during these trying times.

About The Author

Michelle Bartlome is the public relations manager at St. Luke's Magic Valley.

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