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From Amber Schwehr, Nurse Educator

Amber recommends doing a variety of things to keep exercise interesting. She likes cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and backpacking, especially when her family joins in. With three kids ages 14, 10, and 8, it’s important to do things that are fun, and her family really likes the outdoors. Amber also does yoga and tries to meditate for 10 minutes each day. “You’re more likely to stick with an activity if you enjoy it,” she says, “so find out what those activities are.”


About Amber

As a cardiac nurse educator at St. Luke’s, Amber works with hospitalized patients to help them recover and live full lives following a heart event or procedure. Every day, she sees first hand just how much exercise, a healthy diet, and other positive lifestyle habits can truly improve a person’s life…even (or especially) a person with heart disease.



It’s easier than you think to fit some exercise and other healthy habits into your daily life. Join cardiologist Dr. Lyndon Box for a free seminar: Diet & Exercise Tricks for Busy Lives, on Thursday, February 19, at 6 p.m., at St. Luke’s Boise. Registration is recommended.

Heart Month Tip #3: Mix it up!

February 3, 2015