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Today's Heart Tip: Eat Less Sugar

Cardiac Cath Lab Technologist St. Luke's Boise
By Anna Fritz, Health and Wellness
February 13, 2014

Eat less sugar and syrups. Added sugar, especially in processed foods and beverages, is one of the major dietary causes of heart disease. It can lower good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels. And new research shows that the glucose metabolite glucose 6-phosphate (G6P), which builds up when you eat too much sugar and starch, causes severe stress to the heart.

Joe's heart advice:Sugar is poison. It’s bad for your heart, and it fuels cancer cells!”

February is Heart Month, so kick start your best year yet with 28 days of heart health. Every day in February St. Luke’s will send a heart health tip directly to your email. It’s easy to subscribe!

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About The Author

Anna Fritz is a writer and editor with St. Luke’s Communications and Marketing.