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Today's Heart Tip: Eat Lean Meats

John Dilgard
Nurse Apprentice, Telemetry Unit
St. Luke’s Boise
By Anna Fritz, Health and Wellness
February 17, 2014

Eat a limited amount of lean meats, and avoid processed meats—bacon, sausage, salami, deli meats—which are associated with a high risk of heart disease. Choose lean meat and poultry, limit them to 3-6 ounces per day total, and skip meat on some days. You can lower the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol you ingest by trimming fat and removing skin. Bake, broil, grill, or stew, rather than fry.

John's heart advice: “Improving the health of your heart comes with small lifestyle changes that yield great results. It's a long-time change, and you should not get discouraged if the process takes time and you slip up here and there. It's the long-term goal of prolonging a good quality of life for the future.” 

February is Heart Month, so kick start your best year yet with 28 days of heart health. Every day in February St. Luke’s will send a heart health tip directly to your email. It’s easy to subscribe!

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About The Author

Anna Fritz is a writer and editor with St. Luke’s Communications and Marketing.