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The Pharmacy Residency Experience

In Their Own Words

We surveyed past and current pharmacy residents to learn more about their experience as part of the St. Luke's Pharmacy Residency program. We were thrilled to learn that they appreciate the culture, environment and career preparation opportunities that we've strived to cultivate. 

What was most memorable about your pharmacy residency experience?

  • "I felt very supported throughout my residency experience. You are given a great deal of autonomy to practice as your own clinician but they give the perfect balance of support should you need/ask for it. That was huge for me in order to facilitate my learning. I felt like I was able grow as an individual but felt safe doing so because everyone was so willing to help if needed."
  • "The most memorable part of my experience has been the people. I have had the opportunity to get to know my patients, allowing me to provide optimal care by assessing and overcoming barriers unique to each patient. Additionally, I work with some of the most compassionate and knowledgeable colleagues who I continue to learn from every day."
  • "The most memorable thing from my residency experience would be how much I felt like part of the team. I felt like my opinion on patient care mattered and that other pharmacists as well as inter-professional  team members listened to my suggestions as a resident."
  • "The relationships formed with co-residents, pharmacy staff, managers, directors, and leadership is the most important and memorable thing for me coming out of residency. I still communicate with many of these people today, and know that they will have my back when I need it, and they know I've got their back when they need it!"

In what ways did St. Luke's best prepare you for your pharmacy career?

  • "St. Luke's residency directors and staff did a great job at ensuring that rotations are focused to your likes, interests, and of course still meet the general requirements of residency. St. Luke's will go out of their way to provide experiences that important to you while also helping you find your strengths along the way through various clinical opportunities."
  • "Gaining experience with numerous patient populations and interdisciplinary health teams has allowed me to develop my communication and problem-solving skills that I use every day in the pharmacy."
  • "St. Luke's residency prepared me for my career by giving me so many opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge in different areas. Anything I had an interest in learning or experiencing my preceptors really focused on setting up those experiences or changing the rotation to better meet my needs and to assist my growth."

What would you tell a potential applicant about the St. Luke's program?

  • "My experience has allowed me to work with patients and patient care teams across many different services and specialties. The program was very flexible and able to tailor the residency experience based off my needs and interests. It is evident that the residency leadership cared about both my personal well being and professional development and supported me every step of the way."
  • "I highly recommend this program to applicants. The team was incredible to work with and learn from and provide a very welcoming environment. In addition, the program included core information but gave lots of flexibility for each candidate to grow in areas of interest as well."
  • "The St. Luke's program is a great residency program - if I could go back and re-rank or choose a residency program all over again - I would still choose St. Luke's. The populations we serve at every site is unique, robust, and ever changing. The program is willing to adapt based on past residents' feedback."

If you still work at St. Luke's, why did you decide to stay?

  • "The health system continues to grow and venture into new spaces, providing great opportunities for ambitious pharmacists. Some opportunities available after residency completion might include ambulatory care, cardiology, infectious disease, community, hospital, oncology, pediatric, critical care, specialty pharmacy, infusion, emergency, and pharmacy benefits management."
  • "The people and culture. I loved my experience as a resident and felt like everyone was very welcoming. When the opportunity opened up to stay on as a pharmacist, I was thrilled. The whole staff was very friendly and supportive through my transition!"
  • "St. Luke’s has been an amazing organization to work for as the role of the pharmacist is constantly evolving to better serve our patients."
  • "I decided to stay at St. Luke's post-residency because I felt like I was part of a family here. Everyone was always so welcoming and including, even outside the pharmacy department. St. Luke's is also very progressive in the pharmacy area and that is what I was looking for in my place of employment."
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