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Hospice Volunteers at St. Luke's

St. Luke’s Hospice is dedicated to providing care and support to help patients die peacefully, and live as fully as possible until the moment of death. Hospice includes medical care, pain and symptom management, and emotional and spiritual support — care that allows people to die with dignity in their own homes, in familiar surroundings, with those they love by their side. 

Our Hospice Volunteer program is made up of a wonderful group of men and women from all walks of life. Many have experienced the loss of a loved one and can relate to the emotions and challenges hospice patients and families may be going through. We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team! 

As a hospice volunteer, you may asked to do a variety of things, such as reading, playing music, writing journals or letters, recording memories, playing games, or simply being a silent presence. You can provide families and caregivers with a chance to get out, have lunch with a friend, watch a movie, run errands, take a walk, or simply stay home and take a leisurely bath or nap, or pay bills. Volunteers can also offer light housekeeping and assistance with laundry, gardening, and grief support. 

The Hospice Volunteer program does not require a minimum monthly amount of hours and is quite flexible depending on the assignment you take.

We require all applicants to be willing to offer at least one year of service.


All hospice volunteers must complete an interview, pass a background check, receive a TB test, and undergo extensive training prior to taking on assignments.

How to Apply 

If you would like to become a part of St. Luke’s team of hospice volunteers, call us at (208) 381-2789 or submit an online application.

Current Hospice Volunteers: Log in to record your hours of service and review your total contributions.