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St. Luke’s very much appreciates the level of community engagement that has occurred throughout the thoughtful process of developing our Final Master Plan.

On October 13, 2015, the Boise City Council passed a resolution to adopt the Master Plan into Blueprint Boise, the City's Comprehensive Plan. St. Luke's staff members continue to work with the City of Boise and the Ada County Highway District on next steps for the project.

While there are still opportunities to provide input, these questions and answers are designed to provide you with information about specific questions and issues that have been raised. If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected] or call (208) 381-1864.

Questions and Answers

Click each question below for its answer:

Why are trees being removed in the Fort Boise/St. Luke's area, and will they be replaced?

Sixty-four trees have been removed in order to make room for enhanced pedestrian and bicycling routes being constructed under a three-party development agreement among St. Luke’s, the City of Boise, and Ada County Highway District (ACHD). When completed, St. Luke’s will work closely with the city forester to plant 90 new trees in exchange for the 64 that were removed. St. Luke’s will ensure sensitive and appropriate choices are made for the restoration of the tree canopy and will absorb the cost. 

How is the giant sequoia doing after its relocation to Fort Boise Park? Will it survive?

Prior to its relocation in late June 2017, the sequoia was under the care of the Boise City forester and a company that specializes in the health and movement of large conifers. St. Luke’s has been assured the tree is healthy and will survive the move despite its sometimes brown appearance. During the move, arborists noted many new small roots and new growth near the top of the sequoia. The public has asked St. Luke's to do our best to preserve the tree, so we enlisted expert guidance. St. Luke’s, the city forester, and Environmental Design, Inc. developed an elaborate care and irrigation plan.. The tree has been donated to the city and will be cared for by the forester into the future. Read more about the giant sequoia.

With all of the construction, I've noticed more St. Luke's employees parking on residential streets? What are you doing about this?

St. Luke’s Boise hospital has stepped up its parking enforcement in an effort to curtail employee parking that inconveniences our neighbors. Our Security Department officers are placing flyers on employee vehicles parked in these areas, directing them to park in our Warm Springs Parking Garage. If needed, security will contact these employees as well.