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Telehealth Services and Virtual Care

In collaboration with regional healthcare providers, St. Luke's provides virtual care, also known as telehealth or telemedicine technology, to connect patients and healthcare professionals in different physical locations. Currently, St. Luke's offers two-way audio-visual encounters for critical care and specialty services, allowing us to extend high quality healthcare services to a broader region and improve health outcomes. 

We're also building a Virtual Care Center, scheduled to open in summer 2018, that will serve as a hub for offering virtual care in three key areas:

  • Clinic Consultation:  Patients go to their local clinic to connect remotely with a specialist via two-way, audio/video and asynchronous communication.  Current specialties include urology, nephrology, pediatric specialty programs and sleep medicine, with more to come. The remote visit may also involve a primary care physician or other health care providers such as diabetes educators, registered dietitians, pharmacists and social workers. 
  • Hospital Consultation: Patients in other St. Luke’s hospitals and remote, critical-access facilities receive real-time care from specialists in Boise, including but not limited to critical care and neurology services.
  • Home Monitoring: Remote patient monitoring uses devices to connect patients in the home with doctors, nurses and other care providers. In addition to secure two-way audio/video communication, these devices also collect and report vital readings and measurements for the health care provider to review and discuss with the patient.

For more information about virtual care at St. Luke's, please email us.

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Critical Care Telehealth

Connecting Teams of ICU Specialists

Telehealth allows our critical care doctors and nurses to monitor multiple intensive care patients and assist in ICU management from a centralized location. We use computers, cameras, microphones, and sophisticated software to provide an additional layer of support for you or your loved ones.

We monitor patients with two teams working together. The first team is the bedside critical care specialists in the ICU; the second includes specialists in a centralized remote location. Together, they work to continuously monitor you during your stay. The teleICU staff are able to alert the onsite staff to changes in your condition and can better avoid adverse outcomes.