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High Risk Breast Clinic

Women at higher risk for breast cancer often benefit from an individualized approach that provides them with customized screening and management care options, as well as the convenience of an appointment with several professionals at one location.

Our Services

  • Review of mammograms and other breast studies
  • State-of-the-art screening mammography, diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, and MRI technology
  • Personal and/or family history risk assessment by board certified genetic counselors
  • Ongoing breast cancer surveillance 
  • Clinical breast exam 
  • Consultation with a surgeon and/or oncologist specializing in breast-related diseases 
  • Personal and/or family history risk assessment by board certified genetic counselors 
  • Comprehensive recommendations for screening and breast care management 
  • Instruction in mammography screening guidelines 
  • Instruction in breast self-exam, when appropriate 
  • Follow-up information and resource referral by a patient navigator 
  • Timely communication with your physician regarding your results and recommendations for continued care management

Who benefits from a referral to the High Risk Breast Clinic?

Women who have one of the following risk factors will benefit from a referral:

  • A prior history of breast cancer 
  • A family member diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 50 
  • Multiple family members diagnosed with breast, ovarian, prostate, or pancreatic cancer 
  • Atypical cells detected during a biopsy of the breast 
  • A male relative with breast cancer 
  • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry 
  • Had a positive test for a known breast cancer mutation such as BRCA1 or BRCA2 (in self or family member) 

Contact Us

If you have one or more of the breast cancer risk factors listed above, please call St. Luke’s MSTI's Patient Navigator at (208) 860-9976.