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Cancer Prevention Education

The team at St. Luke’s MSTI is dedicated to preventing cancer through healthy lifestyle support and community education, and to providing health screenings that can find cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage.

Tar Wars: Tobacco-Free Education for Kids

Developed by the American Academy of Family Physicians, Tar Wars is a tobacco-free education program that teaches kids about the short-term, image-based consequences of tobacco use, the cost associated with using tobacco products, and the advertising techniques used by the tobacco industry to market their products to youth.

St. Luke's MSTI is pleased to bring this educational program to local fourth and fifth grade classrooms, free of charge. 

To learn more about the Tar Wars program, or schedule a presentation at your school or organization, please contact St. Luke's MSTI at (208) 381-2711.

Healthy Habits, Healthy U: School-Based Cancer Prevention Education

Healthy Habits, Healthy U (HHHU) is a community outreach initiative designed to teach and reinforce positive health habits in children. Most cancers are directly related to lifestyle behaviors, and poor health habits start at a young age. HHHU focuses on the positive connection between increased physical activity, healthy food and beverage choices, and reduced cancer risk. A collaboration among St. Luke's MSTI, Boise State University, and the Boise School District, the HHHU two-day educational program integrates with and reinforces 4th- and 8th-grade health curriculum. Since 2014, HHHU has reached over 3,000 4th and 8th grade students. 

Program evaluation focuses on demonstrating impact and efficacy. Fall 2014 program results indicate 97% of students could clearly differentiate between cancerous and noncancerous organs, while 91% correctly identified insufficient physical activity and 96% identified poor nutrition as cancer risk behaviors. Teachers consistently rate the HHHU program as “effective” or “very effective” in teaching students to be more physically active and consume healthy foods and beverages.

To learn more about the HHHU program, please contact St. Luke's MSTI at (208) 381-2711.