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Surgery for Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer

Surgery for Breast Cancer

Most people with breast cancer have surgery to remove the cancer. You may have breast-conserving surgery or surgery to remove the entire breast. Some of the lymph nodes under the arm may also be removed to check for cancer cells.

The kind of surgery you have may depend on the size and location of your cancer and your personal preferences.

If you've been diagnosed with breast cancer and would like to see a St. Luke's breast surgeon, our nurse navigators can help coordinate a referral. Please call (208) 463-6078.

Our Breast Cancer Surgery Experts

St. Luke’s MSTI works in close collaboration with the leading breast surgeons in the region—a group of highly skilled physicians with expertise in the latest, most effective breast surgery procedures. These surgeons:

  • Collectively perform more than 500 breast surgeries each year.
  • Meet regularly with our multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists to discuss the best approaches for individual and complex cases.
  • Collaborate closely with St. Luke’s MSTI oncologists and your primary care doctor.
  • Tailor treatment to your unique needs.
  • Are available for prompt surgical consultation upon diagnosis.
  • Consult with women at high risk for breast cancer, helping them manage their screening and long-term breast health through St. Luke’s High Risk Breast Clinic.

What is a Nurse Navigator?

A cancer diagnosis brings a lot of new information and emotions. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what comes next and who can help. Our breast cancer navigators are registered nurses with years of experience in cancer care. They will provide guidance as you move through your cancer journey and will be your point of contact for questions.  

The Role of Nurse Navigators 

  • Review and explain processes and information
  • Help coordinate appointments and try to assist with any barriers you may experience
  • Provide support to you and your family
  • Provide resources and referrals to various programs and support, as needed


A full spectrum of services, including mammography, genetic counseling, cancer care, and emotional support.

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