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Support Group

Support Group for Aphasia, Apraxia, and Dysarthria (AAD): Meridian

  • Venue & Location

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    St. Luke's Meridian Medical Center

    520 S. Eagle Road
    Meridian, ID  83642


Led by Mark Dunham, this group discusses speech issues that often accompany a stroke including slurred speech, inability to get your words out, and difficulty in perceiving messages.

We’re a fun group and we have guest speakers, play games, and share our experiences! Your caregivers are welcome to introduce you, if needed.

Group Goals

1.      Survivor—want to be vital, not victim
2.      Acceptance—who we are (AAD) through stroke
3.      Hope—we can get better, not just limited to AAD
4.      Respect—honor ourselves and others
5.      Integrity—confidentiality, dealing with others
6.      Service—helping others
7.      Courage—facing truth about ourselves and our potential


This group meets weekly on Wednesdays.


Registration is not required. Please call (208) 381-9383 for more information or email

Scheduled Meetings