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Brenna is 13 years old and a cancer survivor. When she was just seven she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Her blood levels were critically low and Brenna’s parents were told to get her to St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Boise as quickly as possible. “They were literally waiting for us on the fourth floor and ready to give our little girl some much needed blood,” her mom says. “And that’s how our journey began.”

The next three years were filled with blood transfusions, tests, spinal taps, chemotherapy and multiple hospital stays. “Brenna amazed us all with how she handled things,” her mom says. “She seemed to have within her an incredibly beautiful peace that transcended whatever was going on. Yes, there were occasionally tears, like when she lost all her beautiful hair and had to miss birthday parties because her blood counts were so low. But overall, she displayed a strength that amazed and encouraged us all.”

Brenna’s illness has made her family stronger. They got through the experience day by day, moment by moment, because, her mom says, “we were surrounded by an incredible staff at St. Luke’s, supportive family and friends, and were held up by a God who never left our side.”

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