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St. Luke's Clinic – Breast Surgery: Nampa

When faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, it’s important to connect with a team of experts that will help you thoughtfully consider your surgical options, while supporting your overall well-being. The team at St. Luke’s Clinic – Breast Surgery offers you expertise in the latest, most effective breast cancer surgery procedures, along with compassion and the highest quality care. We also work closely with oncologists at St. Luke’s Cancer Institute to ensure continuity in your care.

Our surgeons perform breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) or surgery to remove the entire breast (mastectomy). In some cases, lymph nodes under the arm may also be removed to check for cancer cells. The kind of surgery you have may depend on the size and location of your cancer and your personal preferences. We also work closely with breast reconstruction surgeons, if applicable. When appropriate based on your unique circumstances, cancer removal and breast reconstruction surgery may also be completed in one day as part of the same surgery.

Common Breast Concerns 

  • Breast Changes

    Women may have many kinds of breast changes throughout their lives, including changes that occur with menstrual periods, pregnancy, and aging. Most breast changes are normal.

  • Breast Lumps

    Breast lumps are common, especially in women ages 30 to 50. A number of conditions can result in a lump or lumps in your breast. Most of these conditions are harmless or of minor concern.

  • Breast Pain (Mastalgia)

    Breast pain and tenderness, also called mastalgia, may come and go with monthly periods (cyclic) or may not follow any pattern (noncyclic). It is not a common symptom of breast cancer.

Breast Care Procedure and Treatment Information

  • Breast Biopsy

    A breast biopsy is usually done to check a lump found during a breast examination or to look at a suspicious area found on a mammogram, an ultrasound, or an MRI.

  • Breast Cancer Treatment

    Recommended options for breast cancer treatment will depend upon each patient's unique circumstances.  

  • Lumpectomy

    Breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) is the surgical removal of a breast lump and some of the tissue around it.

  • Mastectomy

    A mastectomy is the removal of the entire breast. This procedure is typically used as part of breast cancer treatment.

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