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Weight Loss Challenge 2022-2023

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The St. Luke’s Weight Loss Challenge is a program designed to help you achieve a healthy weight and an active lifestyle. We provide the content; you provide the motivation! 

By utilizing our built- in coursework, through gamification, and participating in well-being challenges throughout the duration of the six-month program, our goal is for you to lose 1% of your total body weight each month for a total of 6% by the final weigh-in. 

Two, six-month options offered throughout the year will be available to choose from, or, participants can re-enroll for the length of a year! Those who meet all requirements (weigh-ins and weight loss) will equally split the $10,000 prize money at the end of each six-month session.

With your paid registration you receive:

  • A chance to earn part of the $10,000 prize money
  • Enrollment in online ReFresh Nutrition Course led by a registered dietitian
  • Access to a free health coaching app to stay accountable and connected
  • An online toolkit with healthy lifestyle resources, exercises, and nutrition information
  • Weekly bite-size health tips and recipes
  • Challenges via our health coaching app, with prizes for winners
  • Lifestyle medicine webinar sessions featuring engaging speakers highlighting the dimensions of well-being: physical, social, emotional, occupational/financial, environmental, spiritual, physical, and social
  • A chance to win prizes for participating and persevering


Registration Instructions

  • $50 (September 28-30) – early bird registration, three days only!
  • $65 (October 1-23) – general registration
  • $30 (October 24 – November 13) – late registration

Individuals who wish to join the Challenge after the October 24, 2022 general registration deadline can register, pay, and receive all the benefits of the program but WILL NOT qualify to compete for prize money or perseverance prizes. Participants wishing to join following the November 13, 2022 late registration deadline will be asked to register for the next six-month program that begins on May 1, 2023.

Register Online

Special Instructions


ATTEND EACH REQUIRED WEIGH-IN - If you miss one of the required weigh-ins you are still in the Challenge and will continue to receive health tips, may attend webinars and programs, but you are no longer qualified to win prize money or perseverance prizes. (Please dress appropriately—i.e., t-shirt and shorts/capris/sweats; no jeans or heavy garments) 

  • Initial: October 24-October 28, 2022 – by appointment only for most sites! Site information and scheduling links will be sent to participants in a timely manner prior to weigh-in week
  • If you attended a final weigh-in for the 2021/2022 challenge, we can use it as your initial weight for the 2022/2023 challenge
  • Final: April 24-April 28, 2023 (6% body weight lost by final weigh-in)

NOTE - See location sheet for a weigh in site near you and to access the link and contact information to make an appointment. 

Download the official rules and information for a full description of the Weight Loss Challenge.

NOTE - If you ARE NOT employed by St. Luke’s, please download and complete this W9 to receive prize payout prior to April 28, 2022 by 5 p.m.

Click each question below for its answer:

Do I have to register online to participate in the challenge?

Yes, it’s the ONLY registration option as it helps ensure the accuracy of your information. 

Visit: St. Luke's Weight Loss Challenge 2022, 2023 Tickets, Wed, Sep 28, 2022 at 12:00 AM | Eventbrite

Can I still participate and win if I'm an employee of St. Luke's?
YES! Only those of us who directly organize and promote the Challenge are unable to compete for prize money.  
I'm a St. Luke's employee? Can I pay with Employee Payroll Deduction?
No. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this option due to legal constraints. 
Can I participate if I have had bariatric surgery?


Can I participate if I'm pregnant?

No. Unfortunately, due to health and safety concerns, pregnant women are not allowed to participate for prize money.  

Can I form a team?

We encourage you to gather friends, family and colleagues to create a team for social support! However, there is no additional prize money for a team category. 

Can I get my money back?

Please read all the requirements and rules of the Challenge prior to registering, as all registrations are NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferable to next year’s event, NO exceptions. 

This policy stays in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected business or family emergency, pregnancy, etc. There are NO exceptions.  

What happens after I'm registered?
You need to schedule your first OFFICIAL WEIGH-In and we encourage you to download the Carium app!  Please visit the weigh-in sites links to check days/times they are open to schedule your initial weigh-in. 
Do I need to download the CARIUM app to participate?

No, you don’t - BUT – we highly suggest that you do! We will be pushing out all of our information several times a week directly to your phone and the quarterly challenges will only be logged via the CARIUM App.  It’s a great way to stay engaged AND win prizes! 

To get started download the app from Google Play or the Apple App store. Install and open Carium. Tap “Join Carium” at the bottom and enter code WLC-F22. 

Check your email for a message from [email protected] and click “verify email” to confirm your account. We suggest using your personal email NOT your email when registering for Carium. 

If you need further assistance, please email us or watch our Carium App 101 webinar.  


How are the winners determined?

Winners are determined by the percent of body weight lost – NOT the number of pounds lost. 

Here’s how you figure it out: 

  • Take the number of pounds lost (ex. 12 lbs) from initial weigh-in
  • Divide by the STARTING WEIGHT (ex. 12 lbs divided by 200 = .06) 
  • Multiply by 100 (ex. .06 x 100 = 6%) 

How is prize money distributed?

NEW PARTICIPANTS who lose a minimum of 6% of their total body weight and KEEP IT OFF CASH participants whose final weight is the SAME or LOWER than their starting weight, will win an equal share of the $10,000 prize money to be split among the other eligible participants.

How often do I need to weigh in?

There are TWO weigh-ins during each six-month period of the program

  • Initial: October 24-October 28, 2022
    • NOTE - If you attended a final weigh-in for the 2021/2022 Challenge we can use it as your initial weight for the 2022,23 challenge (first six-month session only)
  • Final: April 24-28, 2023 (6% body weight lost by final weigh-in/roughly 1% loss each month)

In order to compete for prize money, you must attend EACH weigh-in at one of the official weigh-in sites.

Am I out of the Challenge if I miss a weigh-in or don't hit the weight loss goal?
You won’t be able to win a part of the prize money BUT you will still receive the weekly health tips, you can attend “Ask the Expert” webinars, participate in Carium challenges and win perseverance prizes.  
What should I wear when I weigh in?

Please wear a t-shirt and shorts/capris/sweats. 

Jeans/heavy clothing are discouraged. It will be marked on your weigh-in form and you will be expected to wear similar clothing at your final weigh-in.  

Where are the monthly weigh-in sites?
What is a KEEP IT OFF CASH participant and do I need to attend all the weigh-ins?


  • Individuals who participated in the 2021/2022 WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE who attended each weigh-in and whose final weights were equal to or lower than their starting weight (i.e. maintain don’t gain) are eligible to compete for KEEP IT OFF PRIZES in the 2022-2023 WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE during the first six month program (November 1, 2022-April 28, 2023) NOT the duration of the year
  • Must have starting weights (Oct/Nov 2022) equal to (or lower) than their final weights from the WLC in September 2022
  • Must attend each required 2022/23 weigh-ins; weight CAN be equal to (maintain don’t gain) OR lower than starting weight to remain prize money eligible
  • Those whose final weights are the SAME or LOWER than their starting weights will win an equal share of the $10,000 prize money to be split among the other eligible participants
  • First time participants of the program who meet the 6% weight-loss goal are then eligible to re-enroll in the program for the next six months and compete as a Keep it Off Cash participant

Participants may only compete to win prize money in the Weight Loss Challenge for a total of 18 months i.e., once as a first-time participant and then twice as a Keep it Off Cash participant – You may enroll again in the future and will receive all of the benefits of participating in the program, minus eligibility to receive cash earnings or perseverance prizes.

Please Note: Keep It Off Cash participants who have fulfilled their 18-month window of eligibility can continue to enroll and, in lieu of a prize payout, compete to win their registration payment back.

How do I win prize money as a KEEP IT OFF CASH participant?

Those whose final weights are the SAME or LOWER than their starting weights will win an equal share of the $10,000 prize money to be split among the other eligible participants.

Do I have to pay taxes on the perseverance prizes?

Any valuation of the prize(s) received is based on available information provided to St. Luke's, and the value of any prize awarded may be reported for tax purposes as required by law. 

Each winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prize. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, any prize received by an employee of St. Luke's, with a value in excess of $25.00, will be reported to St. Luke's Payroll Department so appropriate taxes can be deducted and reporting can be completed.

What does this mean? 

If you are St. Luke's employee, the St. Luke's Weight Loss Challenge will report the value of any prizes awarded to you to the St. Luke's payroll department so appropriate taxes can be deducted on your behalf.  

If you are not a St. Luke's employee, it is your responsibility to report and pay any and all applicable taxes on any prizes awarded to you.

What if I want to re-enroll after participating in the six month program?

Did you meet your weight loss goal of 6%?

  • YES: You will then be designated as a Keep it Off Cash participant and your goal will be to maintain don’t gain. Your final weight must then be EQUAL to or LOWER than your final April weight
  • NO: You will not receive any allocation of prize money and can choose to register for the next available Weight Loss Challenge program. You must attend the initial weigh-in for the new program and the weight loss goal remains the same (i.e., must lose 6% of your total body weight based on new measurements) in order to remain eligible for prize money
What is the ReFresh nutrition program?

This is an exciting new component of the Weight Loss Challenge! We are SO excited to offer this course to you. Nutrition is a key component of successful and lasting weight loss. This course has been designed by Clinical Dieticians on the Lifestyle Medicine team to help participants grow their knowledge base through engaging coursework, recipe ideas, tips, tricks, and more!

Is this a medically managed program?

No. We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider prior to engaging with and participating in this program. This has been designed as a fun and motivating way to lose weight. However, we have structured the program based on research and evidence-based weight loss guidelines. The ReFresh Nutrition Program has been developed and is managed by Clinical Dieticians. Additionally, Lifestyle Medicine team Health Coaches are available to SL employees to schedule sessions with for further support.

Do I have to complete the survey that was sent to me?

No, but we sure do appreciate it if you would! Completing the pre and post survey is important because we use the collected data to plan for the next iteration the Challenge and use your feedback to steer our progress forward. 

Thanks in advance!