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Classes and Events

Parkinson's Exercise Class: Ketchum

  • Venue & Location

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    (St. Luke's – Rehabilitation)
    100 Hospital Dr., Suite 104
    Ketchum, ID 83340
  • Fee & Registration

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    $50, Registration Required


If you have Parkinson's disease, this group exercise class led by physical and occupational therapists can help improve your mobility, dynamic balance, strength, and flexibility. We tailor our exercises to meet your needs and all ability levels are welcome. 

  • Improve balance to decrease fall risk and improve safety
  • Improve postural muscle strength using resistance training, gym equipment, and body weight exercises
  • Increase flexibility
  • Address bradykinesia (small movements) through fluid, large-scale body movements
  • Learn techniques and strategies to decrease freezing and shuffling feet while walking

Classes are held every Monday from 3:30-4:30. One class a month is yoga-based.


Registration Instructions

Call the number below to register.

You will receive a 10-punch card that you can use for this class or Speech Therapy for Parkinson's Class.

(208) 727-8253

Highlights & Resources

  • Article

    Parkinson's Disease and Exercise

  • Article

    Parkinson's Disease and Speech Problems

Classes & Events

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    $50, Registration Required

    Focus on cognitive-linguistic skills associated with Parkinson's, including problems with voice, memory, and swallowing.

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    Varies, No Registration Required

    You can choose when to have your annual screening.

  • Childbirth Preparation: Hailey

    Health Management Classes
    calendar icon
    Next Date & Time
    Wednesday, Feb 07, 2018 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
    price tag icon
    $60.00, Registration Required

    This 4-week course will help you and your support companion prepare for your birth experience.

  • Clase de Preparacion para el Parto Ketchum

    Health Management Classes
    price tag icon
    $20, Registration Required

    Esta información está diseñada para ayudar a que las madres logren los mejores resultados posibles para ellas mismas y sus bebes con el apoyo de su compañero/a de parto.