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The ACLS OB class (for medical professionals) is focused on recognition and adaptation of ACLS algorithms for the care of pregnant or newly delivered patients. The resuscitation science is based on ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation), so it is evidence-based and consistent with best practices. This class contains:

  • A review of pathophysiology of pregnancy (what makes pregnant/newly-delivered patients high risk for an event)
  • Review of cardiac structure/function (including an EKG review)
  • Modifications for each of the core cases covered in ACLS (CPR, respiratory, MI, stroke, etc.)
  • Strategies for talking with families (ethical, practice, and legal issues). 

This class is trademarked/copyright protected by St. Luke’s Health System.

Class Fees


Registration Instructions

For more information, please email or call the number below:

(208) 381-4162

Frequently Asked Questions

Click each question below for its answer:

Are ACLS OB and ACLS the same course?
No, ACLS OB and ACLS are two separate and distinct courses.

  • ACLS OB is about 5 hours in length, has its own agenda, evaluation form, and method of documenting course completion (CNE certificate for contact hours). This class is trademarked/copyright protected by St. Luke’s Health System and uses its own ACLS OB Provider Manual.
  • An AHA ACLS Provider course is approximately 12 hours in length and has its own agenda, evaluation, and method of course completion (AHA ACLS Provider card, which is earned upon completion of AHA requirements). This class uses the AHA ACLS Provider Manual.
Where can I attend an ACLS OB provider course?

ACLS OB provider courses are available at St. Luke's Health System in Boise, Idaho; several places around the country; and can be delivered at your site.

Where can I attend an ACLS OB instructor course?

St. Luke’s Health System owns the copyright/trademark protection and instructor classes can only be delivered by St. Luke’s (either in Boise or at your facility).

Please refer to the ACLS OB Materials Price List for information regarding requirements and purchase of additional ACLS OB Provider Manuals.

How long does it take if my facility wants to host a class?
There are usually 2-6 months from the first contact until the class occurs. The exact length of time depends on several factors:
  1. Whether your facility wants: 
    • ACLS OB Provider only, or 
    • ACLS OB Provider and Instructor 
  2. Funding – facilities often write for grant funds, which sometimes adds time to the process
    • Class fees 
    • Host facility also pays for airfare, hotel, meals, and local transport (cab, shuttle, or car rental, depending upon availability)
  3. Ability of classroom space
  4. Contract review time
  5. When this class is provided in Boise, continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours are available. St. Luke’s will provide the Objective Content Grid information if the host facility wants to provide continuing nursing and/or physician continuing education contact hours. This may impact timeline, depending upon the CNE/CME provider unit.