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Road Projects Around St. Luke’s Boise Advance 

December 8, 2017

St. Luke’s patients and staff, along with drivers and pedestrians in the Fort Boise area, will see construction activity stretching around the downtown Boise hospital campus.

Here are the latest updates:

Because of major transportation and utility improvements, construction crews are working in many areas around St. Luke's hospital in downtown Boise.

Many aging water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer pipes serving the hospital and surrounding neighborhoods have been replaced, and workers hope to complete work on as many of the streets, sidewalks and portions of the new cycle track as possible before the really cold temperatures and winter officially set in.

It is part of a project partnership that includes St. Luke’s Health System, ACHD and the City of Boise.

Upcoming open house: St. Luke's, the City of Boise, ACHD and Central Paving host monthly community open houses at 6 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month for the public to ask questions about the road projects in the St. Luke's area.

The next open house is Wednesday, Dec. 13, at Roosevelt Elementary School, 980 E. Jefferson St., Boise. 


Drivers can expect Reserve Street and the Reserve Street roundabout to be fully operational beginning Sunday evening, Dec. 10, through January. This includes left-turn access.


Avenue C between Jefferson and Bannock streets will be closed through 2018 so that construction can proceed on the Idaho Elk's Children Pavilion.


Pedestrians should be on the lookout for construction signage detailing the latest detours as they navigate the downtown campus.

Pedestrian walkways on the north side of Fort Street and the east side of Avenue B will be connected in the coming days to allow good flow around this section of the campus. 

And new work on the south side of Fort Street will mean taking a different path from the main campus to St. Luke’s-Elks Rehab on Robbins Road as sidewalk sections on the south side of Fort start being removed:

  1. The east side of Avenue B will be open. Pedestrians can take this section north and cross Reserve Street to continue onto the north side of the roundabout. Then turn left onto the north side of Fort Street and continue walking west toward the Elks.

  2. Pedestrians leaving the central/west part of the campus should use 2nd street, cross State Street and turn left onto the south side of Fort Street until they are able to cross north onto Robbins


Depending on progress, crews plan to temporarily close 1st Street on Thursday night, Dec. 14, between West Fort Street and East Jefferson Street. By doing this, east/west traffic can move much faster along State Street.

Work is continuing on and around Idaho Street, and crews hope to make considerable progress in the next 10 days to two weeks.  Their initial focus will be restoring the crosswalks.  Please remember that all work is weather dependent, and the focus is getting surrounding sidewalks and streets in the safest condition for winter.

St. Luke’s Health System, in conjunction with ACHD and the City of Boise, started road construction in July around St. Luke's downtown Boise hospital. This work is in preparation for the development project that will modernize the Boise hospital in order to improve access and care, while providing improved transportation flow. 

The first phase of work centers on improvements to public roads and infrastructure in a 12-block area around the hospital. The goal is to better link the area with Boise’s downtown urban core. 

Major aspects of this phase include:

  • Construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of East Fort and Reserve streets.
  • Construction of a dedicated cycle track around the St. Luke’s perimeter.
  • Realigning and improving the intersection of 1st, Fort and State streets.
  • Creating a dedicated right turn from north-bound Avenue B on to East Jefferson.
  • Installing bigger sidewalks and bike lanes around the campus perimeter where space allows.

During this work, road construction crews will be concentrated:

  • Throughout Avenue B, East Fort, West Fort, State and Reserve streets.
  • Additional crews will be working on Idaho and 2nd streets. 

Old and New Routes

Map Showing Current and Future Road Alignment

Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction on Avenue B and Fort streets beginning at Bannock and continuing through 2nd Street. Reserve is closed at Avenue H and detoured traffic is moved to Warm Springs. To ensure access for pedestrians and cyclists, they will be moved to the opposite side of the street from where work is occurring. 

The posted detour for the Reserve Street closure is:  Avenue H to McKinley Street, to Straughan Street, to Warm Springs. Drivers are also encouraged to reduce speeds in anticipation of increased activity. Construction crews urge travelers to please be attentive while driving through the project area as conditions change regularly.  Drivers are reminded that they present an additional hazard to work crews.  They’re urged to do their part to create a safe work environment to the men and women working to improve area roads.  Travelers are also encouraged to add a few extra minutes to their commutes or find alternative and detour routes to avoid delays.

In addition to traffic changes implemented in July, crews will:

  • Continue excavation work along Fort Street up toward 2nd Street.
  • Keep Idaho Street reduced to one lane.
  • Continue work on the new dedicated cycle track running along Idaho near Avenue B, then heading up toward 2nd and Bannock streets.
  • Install 24” water pipe along State Street, working up toward 2nd Street and then to Bannock.
  • Temporarily close Avenue A at Idaho Street for one day to install a new storm sewer.

Improvements along the perimeter of the campus include constructing the cycle track, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. For the cycle track, construction crews have been concentrated along Idaho Street near Avenue B to 1st Street. They will work their way to 2nd Street and ultimately up toward Bannock. Workers are removing asphalt, gutters, curbs and sidewalks. When that demolition is complete, the area will be regraded and concrete poured. 


While the cycle track work is going on, no parking will be allowed on Idaho Street as traffic will be reduced to one lane and shifted to the south. Parking will also be off-limits along 2nd Street in order for traffic to continue to flow in both directions.

Hospital visitors, patients, physicians and staff that use the South Tower parking garage should add a few extra minutes to their trip as they will not be able to enter or exit from Idaho Street. Drivers will need to utilize the entrance and exit on the opposite side of the structure off Bannock Street. With the increased volume of traffic on Bannock, drivers are urged to slow down and use caution.


Pedestrians will be rerouted to the side of the street furthest from the work. In addition, the crossing at Avenue A and Idaho will be closed.  St. Luke’s employees and other pedestrians will instead need to use the west side of First Street during the construction.


For patients receiving care at MSTI, please note the drop-off area will remain accessible throughout construction. Concrete work will be done in phases to keep one driveway passable. When the east entrance is closed, drivers will use the west driveway and pull into the parking garage. St. Luke’s attendants will assist patients entering MSTI’s west door. When the west driveway is closed, drivers will enter the half-circle and drop-off patients at the front door. To protect patients, parking along the south side of the half-circle will be temporarily off-limits. Central Paving intends to do the work over two, three day periods to minimize the impact on MSTI patients, and will provide advance notice prior to the work. Signs will be posted to help guide drivers.

Anderson Plaza

Patients visiting the Anderson Plaza building on 2nd Street should be aware that the main front entrance will be impacted by construction of the cycle track. At this time, crews will keep the front ramp accessible, but the stairs to the south will be closed.

Excavation Work

Central Paving will continue major excavation work along the northeast section of Fort Street from Reserve to 2nd Street.  Crews are removing asphalt, curbs, gutters and sidewalks in order to construct the new road. Pedestrians traveling from St. Luke’s to Elks Rehabilitation Hospital should walk up 1st Street, use the sidewalk on the south side of Fort and then cross at Robbins Road.

The parking lots south and east of the Boise Little Theater off Fort Street will be closed. Drivers will not be allowed to turn at Garrison and should access other parking off Robbins Road. The lots will remain closed for approximately one month for sanitary sewer work.  

Tree Removal

Due to the sidewalk and cycle track improvements and as considered at public hearings, trees in this area were removed. St. Luke’s is contractually obligated to replace removed trees using the city forester’s valuation and ACHD right-of-way rules. The tree removal is the result of three specific transportation projects the City of Boise, ACHD and the community requested of St. Luke’s:

  • Increased intersection capacity.
  • City Modal Elements: the cycle track and other amenities requested by the city.
  • Fort Boise Master Plan – Reserve and Fort / Fort and Robbins roundabouts.

St. Luke’s is working closely with the city forester to plant 90 new trees in the cycle track median, in exchange for the 64 removed. St. Luke’s will ensure sensitive and appropriate choices are made for the restoration of the tree canopy throughout this portion of the plan. St. Luke’s intends to plant trees that are more valuable than required under city code and has agreed to incur this expense, even though the work requiring the majority of removals is directed by the three-party agreement.  

Proposed rendering of the cycle track and median showing the replacement trees six to eight years after planting.

The view down into the new Children's Pavilion Taken from the St. Luke's Boise rooftop.

Road work in this area will last at least through early next year, depending on the weather. Because of the fluid nature of this type of project, timelines will be adjusted. When changes impact drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, patients, staff and the neighborhoods, St. Luke’s will communicate the information in a timely manner. Monthly community meetings with St. Luke’s, the City and ACHD will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at Roosevelt Elementary School located at 980 E. Jefferson Street.  

Once Central Paving completes its contract for this phase of work, the second major phase will likely start next construction season and concentrate on the new roundabout at Fort, Robbins and 3rd streets.  Jefferson Street cannot be closed until the first phase of improvements and the Bannock Plaza redesign are complete, which is anticipated to be next summer. 

Proposed Rendering of the new downtown Boise St. campus.

Main Boise Campus

The work is part of St. Luke’s Master Plan for its Boise campus and is the result of years of extensive study, planning and collaboration with key stakeholders, including the City of Boise, the Ada County Highway District and area residents. The thorough process included dozens of workshops, open houses and neighborhood association meetings, which helped to shape and evolve the plan through thoughtful input.

This is not a “single project,” but a multi-phased plan that will occur in stages over the years to come. At its core is our commitment to create an environment in which we can provide the best possible care for patients and families, in an environment geared toward safety, healing and comfort, explained Dave McFadyen, St. Luke's Boise administrator.

“We are happy this is finally moving forward because this development allows us to better meet the needs of our patients by providing modern, advanced care in a more user-friendly setting,” said McFadyen.  “While this development does add capacity, it's less about growth and more about re-configuring our campus.  It will be easier to navigate and find your doctor.  There’s more room to care for our growing, aging community struggling with more complex chronic health problems.  Our physicians will be right there ready to help in an emergency rather than a few blocks away, and our facility will be upgraded in a way that it flows better, saving precious minutes in emergencies, when time truly matters.”


  • New Children’s Pavilion (under construction)
  • New central plant
  • New parking structure
  • New hospital tower
  • Expand and modernize St. Luke’s MSTI cancer center
  • Expand and modernize St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital
  • Expand and upgrade the current hospital tower

Together, the project will be one of the largest investments ever made in Boise and Idaho. It will bring new jobs to the region while building on Boise’s growing reputation as one of the most livable cities in the country with the high-quality health care that is a critical component of quality of life. The project will be financed through bonds, cash on hand and community philanthropy. This major development project is estimated to bring as much as $1.2 billion of rollover economic benefit and job growth to the community.

Proposed Rendering

Rendering of the new St. Luke's Boise Hospital entrance at 1st and Fort Streets.

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