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Patients Get Another Shot at an Active Life Through Cardiac Rehab

St. Luke's Heart patients are getting a new lease on life thanks to the innovative cardiac rehab program that is available in the Treasure Valley.
February 14, 2014

More people are living with cardiovascular disease today than ever before. And with careful, effective management, they can live a full, active life.

If you have heart or vascular disease, one of the most important things you can do is talk with your doctor about cardiac rehab. This goal of rehab is to stabilize, slow, or even reverse the progression of cardiovascular disease. It can improve your quality of life, reduce risk factors, and create a sense of well-being and optimism about the future.

The medically supervised cardiovascular rehab program at St. Luke's is tailored to each client's needs. Your rehab team includes a doctor, exercise physiologist, dietitian, social worker, and others dedicated to you and your best health. Most of our clients are heart patients, such as those who have had a heart attack; have undergone coronary bypass surgery, valve replacement, or catheter-based interventions; or have heart failure. However, the center is open to others with medical needs, such as obesity or pulmonary disease.

So watch the video below, and if it speaks to you and your condition, please talk with your doctor and ask if you're a candidate for a referral to St. Luke's Heart Health and Rehabilitation Center.