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Non Clinical Programs

St. Luke’s Student Services and leadership are committed to supporting student education. We partner with affiliated schools, students, and St. Luke’s mentors to develop strong professionals who are prepared and committed to address the needs of healthcare in our communities.

Exercise Science, Health Promotion, Kinesiology Students

St. Luke’s collaborates with established universities to offer internship hours for students enrolled in kinesiology, exercise science and/or health promotion programs. 

Internship placements are arranged by St. Luke’s student services coordinator in partnership with each university.

Contact Brenda Krueger to receive an application (functional objectives, exact dates, hours and a current résumé will be required) and additional information.

Non-Clinical Internship Students

St. Luke’s internships foster undergraduate and graduate level students who are pursuing non-clinical careers. Interns will receive academic credit as required by their school program while gaining real-life work experiences. Interns will spend time with a mentor and learn under their direction, completing tasks and projects that meet course/program objectives.

Getting Started

  1. Ensure your school has an affiliation agreement with St. Luke’s. Not sure? Ask by emailing us
  2. Confirm the following documents are on file with your school: clear background check, current immunization records, current TB test, and personal health insurance.
  3. Identify and confirm a mentor in the area of interest which meets your course/program objectives. Mentors can be found through school alumni lists, personal relationships, and network groups such as LinkedIn, etc.
Application Requirements
  • Your course/program objectives
  • St. Luke’s mentor information: full name and department
  • Anticipated start/end dates and total hours needed
  • A brief letter of introduction and current résumé
Submit an Application

Upon completion of the steps above, complete your application online.

Important Information
  • Submission of an application does not guarantee an internship.
  • Application should be submitted at least four weeks prior to start date.
  • Students must complete St. Luke’s student credentialing requirements at least two weeks prior to start date
Contact Student Services with any questions.

Work U Internship Students

St. Luke’s collaborates with Boise State University to offer internship hours for students enrolled in the Work U Program.

Internship placements are arranged by St. Luke’s in partnership with Boise State University.

Contact Lydia Carbis for information regarding required orientation materials.