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St. Luke's at The Hill in Meridian

Building on Our Promise to the Community

A healthy community takes all of us. That’s why St. Luke’s has joined with community partners to make The Hill a reality in South Meridian. This pioneering project will bring recreation, education, health, wellness and literacy to one location in this growing neighborhood. 

St. Luke’s presence includes a wide range of programs and services to prevent disease, screen for and minimize risk factors, promote local resources and address health issues through medical care, nutrition education, support groups, asthma education, physical activity and more.

About The Hill

The Hill is an innovative collaboration of the Treasure Valley Family YMCA, the West Ada School District, St. Luke’s Health System and the City of Meridian Parks and Recreation Department. Located on 15 acres near the intersection of S. Eagle and Amity Roads, The Hill includes three main components:

  • Phase 1: Hillsdale Elementary School, opened in 2016 and is already at capacity with more than 650 students.
  • Phase 2: Hillsdale Park, a 10-acre city park, expected to be completed by spring 2018.
  • Phase 3: The 62,000-square-foot South Meridian YMCA with workout facilities, child development space, St. Luke’s Center for Lifestyle Medicine, school nurse program and more, expected to open in early 2018.

St. Luke’s Role

St. Luke’s role in The Hill project is an investment in the community. “We are going to invest in resources so we can figure out new, innovative and meaningful ways to improve the health and well-being of the community,” says Chris Roth, senior vice president and chief operating officer. 

Center for Lifestyle Medicine

In this 8,000-square-foot space within the YMCA, St. Luke’s will address the root causes of the most common serious health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, depression and metabolic syndrome. We’ll also focus on these same root causes as we help people reduce their risk of complications before joint surgery or during pregnancy. 

Staff from St. Luke’s Department of Lifestyle Medicine will help clients by zeroing in on diet, physical activity, tobacco treatment and positive psychology in an evidence-based, physician-directed, medically supervised setting. Patients referred by their doctors will take part in guided, monitored interventions shown to greatly improve health and quality of life through medication, education and coaching. The space will include classrooms, a teaching kitchen, consultation rooms and a transitional gym.

School Nurse Program

St. Luke’s and the West Ada School district are developing the School Nurse Program in a shared commitment to the health, well-being and academic success of students at Hillsdale Elementary. Located within the YMCA and adjacent to the school, the program is designed to create a culture of health among students and staff and ensure students have access to high quality health care when they need it, in a location that’s safe, convenient and accessible. 

The program will be staffed by licensed professionals with the experience and expertise to deliver quality care that addresses the broad range of concerns that affect students’ healthy development. The program will offer a variety of services including medical care, asthma education, vaccinations and parent support groups.

Multispecialty Health Clinic

This St. Luke’s clinic, open to the public and offering extended hours, will provide a unique combination of medical services, including family medicine, pediatrics, physical therapy and behavioral health. 

Located near Hillsdale School, the YMCA and the park, this 16,000-square-foot, free-standing clinic will house health care providers who will work as a team to address the medical needs of patients and improve access to care for the growing community. They will also collaborate with the YMCA, Hillsdale Elementary School staff, the School Nurse Program and St. Luke’s Department of Lifestyle Medicine on innovative and need-based school and adult programs.