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Idaho Elks Children's Pavilion

St. Luke's Children's Pavilion

Children are special, and so are their healthcare needs. They need age-appropriate therapies to help them cope with illness or hospitalization, opportunities to express themselves when their world is changing, and an environment of positivity and fun that lets them just be kids.

That’s the goal of St. Luke’s new Idaho Elks Children’s Pavilion, which is going up across the street from St. Luke’s in Boise, home to Idaho’s only children’s hospital. For safe, direct access, it will connect via sky bridge over Avenue B. But the Pavilion is more than a building. It’s what we’re putting inside that really matters. 

Designed to meet the needs of kids, their families, and the people who care for them, the state-of-the-art facility will more than double our clinical space and improve vital services that keep care close to home. It will bring most of our pediatric specialists and services under one roof, allowing us to provide care more efficiently and easing the burden on parents and kids who will now be able to see several providers in one location in one day.

And that’s not all. Whether it’s the Family Resource Center that lets moms and dads stay connected to life outside medical buildings, the Sibling Clubhouse to keep brothers and sisters entertained during long appointments, or the demonstration kitchen where families learn to cook for children with special dietary needs, we’re building on our promise to take the best care of our young patients—and the whole family, too.

You Can Make a Difference

To make the Idaho Elks Children’s Pavilion a reality, St. Luke’s must raise $20 million of the $42 million needed to build, equip, and furnish the new facility. Thanks to thousands of community donors, including St. Luke’s employees, physicians, and board members, we’ve already raised $15 million and are well on our way. Now, we need you.

Join us in supporting this special place – one that will touch the lives of so many children and families for decades to come. Please consider giving the most meaningful gift you can by making an online donation today or contacting St. Luke's Health Foundation.

Facility Features

We gathered input from hundreds of patients, families, and clinicians to define important features specially designed to make the Idaho Elks Children's Pavilion child- and family-friendly: 

  • Physician and rehabilitation clinics under the same roof
  • Convenient underground parking
  • Welcome Center with central check-in
  • Waiting rooms filled with natural light
  • Interactive spaces and healing arts
  • Rooftop garden and outdoor play deck
  • Healthy Living Center and teaching kitchen
  • Family Resource Center and Sibling Clubhouse
  • Sky bridge with safe, direct access to St. Luke's Children's Hospital

Project Details

  • Cost = $42 million
  • Donations = $22 million to date
  • Space = 4-story building; 100,000 square feet 
  • Map = located on the southeast corner of Jefferson Street and Avenue B


  • Fall 2016 – Site preparation
  • Winter 2016 – Excavation and shoring
  • Early 2018 – Below grade parking and foundations complete, above grade structural work begins
  • Fall 2018 – Skybridge installed
  • Mid 2019 – Project complete

Latest News - January 11, 2018 Update

The St. Luke’s Children’s Pavilion took great strides in coming out of the ground during 2017. The construction team transformed what was once an office building and parking lot, and turned it into three levels of underground parking. As 2018 begins, they will continue to work their way up to the ground level-1 parking deck.

  • In January, the excavation dewatering pumps, wells, piping and sediment tank will be shut-down and decommissioned. 
  • Through February, concrete and reinforcement teams will put in place the final ground level parking deck, then prepare to demobilize shoring materials. 
  • Structural steel erection is scheduled to begin later in February and continue through spring, along with concrete deck placements. 
  • New trade activities in the spring will include spray-applied fire proofing, MEP hanger install, top of wall framing track, and lower level masonry walls.

Please check this page regularly to stay informed about our progress.