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If you need assistance call the help desk at 381-4357 (HELP)

Online myBusinessConnect (myBC) Web Portal

St. Luke’s has provided you with an online website to access your Human Resources (HR) information.


This provides many benefits to you:

  • Instant access to your personal information
  • Ability to ensure your personal information is accurate
  • See your benefits elections and coverage
  • View your paystubs online
  • Know what your PTO balance is at all times
  • Locate contacts to help you with any questions about HR/Benefits/Payroll.
  • View or edit your direct deposit and tax withholding elections.

New Hire Online Benefits Enrollment

You have 30 days from your date of hire (date of hire is day one) to log-on to myBC and enroll or waive benefits.  Your benefits will be effective the first of the month following your date of hire.  If you do not complete your new hire enrollment, you will not have any coverage until a qualifying life event or during the open enrollment period for the new plan year starting April 1. 

Upon completion of your on-line enrollment, you will have the ability to print a confirmation statement of your benefit elections.  You will only be able to go through on-line enrollment once.  If you wish to make changes after your initial enrollment, but within the election timeframe, you may go to the “forms” bookmark under myBC Benefits or contact the Benefits Department at 381-6180 to complete a paper enrollment form that will override your on-line election.

Benefits Enrollment Quick Start Guide - pdf files

Boise, Meridian, MSTI and Wood River

Online Benefit Tutorials
How to Enroll

If you can not find the information that you are looking for in "Learn How to Enroll" section above or in the Help files provided during the online enrollment process, please contact the Human Resources office at:

  • Boise/Meridian: 381-6180
  • Magic Valley: 814-2550
  • Wood River: 727-8770

  • myBusinessConnect