YEAH! Youth Engaged in Activities for Health
A Healthy Lifestyle Program for Kids, Teens, and Their Families

St. Luke’s Children’s YEAH! program focuses on healthy eating, physical activity, and positive behavior changes. We offer 16-week and 8-week programs.

Open to kids and teens who:

  • Are ages 5-16 years
  • Have a BMI of 95% or greater (16-week program)
  • Have a BMI of 85% or greater (8-week program)
  • Are referred by a healthcare provider (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner)
  • Have parents who agree to be involved in the program

Program includes:

  • Healthy (and delicious!) nutrition lessons
  • Fun physical fitness classes
  • Behavior modification lessons
  • Monthly clinic appointments with a pediatrician, nurse, dietitian, exercise physiologist, physical therapist, and counselor (16-week program only)
  • Active participation by kids and parents

To Apply:
Ask your primary care provider for an application. And please feel free to contact us for more information, including cost and coverage by insurance or Medicaid.

For Primary Care Providers:
Please call us to make a referral or to learn more.

Treasure Valley:
Sue Peterson, RN, YEAH! Clinic Coordinator
(208) 947-8570 or

Wood River Valley:
Nancy Dettori, RN, BSN, CDE
(208) 727-8356 or

Magic Valley:
Lindsay Horgan
(208) 814-0018 or

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