YEAH! Youth Engaged in Activities for Health
A Healthy Lifestyle Program for Kids, Teens, and Their Families

St. Luke's Children's YEAH! program focuses on healthy eating, fun physical activity, and positive behavior changes. Kids and teens can participate in the 12-week or 8-week program, or both, depending on their needs.

Open to kids and teens who:

  • Are ages 6-16 years
  • Have a BMI of 95% or greater (12-week program)
  • Have a BMI of 85% or greater (8-week program)
  • Are referred by a healthcare provider (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner)
  • Have parents who agree to be involved in the program

The YEAH! Program includes:

Healthy nutrition lessons

  • Learn about food groups, portions, and labels
  • Cook healthy meals and snacks
  • Use your culinary skills in the YEAH! Iron Chef contest

Fun activity classes:

  • Experience creative ways to move your body
  • Learn how and why movement improves your body
  • Participate in activities like rock climbing and swimming

Monthly clinic appointments
With a pediatrician, nurse, dietitian, exercise specialist, and counselor (12-week program only)

Active participation by kids and parents

How to Apply:
Ask you primary care provider for a referral to the YEAH! program. And please feel free to contact us for more information, including cost and coverage by insurance or Medicaid.

For Primary Care Providers:
Internal referrals can be made through EPIC to: ambulatory YEAH!
Please call for an external referral.

Treasure Valley:
Sue Peterson, RN, YEAH! Nurse Coordinator
Office: (208) 381-5341
Fax: (208) 381-5370

Wood River Valley:
Laurie N. Byrne, RD, LD
(208) 727-8356

Magic Valley:
Kyli Gough, RD, LD
(208) 814-9182

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